Conversations in Rural Mexico, 2003

“We have fruit year-round.”
“Yes, a lot of fruit we have here.”
“In all the seasons.”
(Smile. Nod.)
“It just comes from the trees, year-round.”
“Nice. How lucky you are.”
“A lot of fruit.”
“Every season, we have fruit. Different kinds.”
(Nod. Pause.) “What kinds?”
“Lemons, now we have lemons.”
“Yes, I’ve seen them.”
“We always have lemons this time of year.”
“What other fruits do you have?”
“Mangos, bananas, maracuyá…”
(Expectant pause.)
“We have fruit year-round.”

“It’s hot.”
“Yes, it sure is.”
“This morning, I got up, and felt it was hot.”
(Smile. Nod.) “It was really hot in the sun.”
“Yes, in the sun it is always hotter than in the shade.”
“Would you like some agua dulce? It’s good for a hot day.”
“Yes, thank you.”
(Pause.) “It is quite warm, isn’t it.”
“Tomorrow, it could be even hotter.”
(Look of dismay).
“But maybe it will cool off.”
“Yes, it’s hot, isn’t it?”