Wade in the Water

In the context of last night’s presidential election results, a spiritual.

“For [the slaves] the ‘troubled waters’ meant the ups and downs, the vicissitudes of life. Within the context of the ‘troubled’ waters of life there are healing waters….Do not shrink from moving confidently out into the choppy seas.” —Howard Thurman

In Remembrance

In honor of my mother’s passing, a song. “In Remembrance,” also known as “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep,” is a song she and I practiced together and performed at my partner’s funeral in 2015. I was inspired by her critical condition last month to improvise a new version of the song drawing from what I remembered of the one from Eleanor Daley’s Requiem. Words Mary Elizabeth Frye. ©℗ 2016 Carla Seidl Music

Georgian folksong “Tu Ase Turpa Ikhavi”

I learned this song during my travels in Azerbaijan/Turkey/Georgia, and it has remained with me.

Since you were so lovely,
Why did I stay away?
Why did I not open
my heart to such a love?

Was there another way of loving you
you who woke me tenderly
whispered sweet words
and took me in your arms?

© Carla Seidl

(original loose translation building in turn off of an Azeri translation from the original Georgian)

Gül Senin Tenin

Your skin is a rose and I am in a cage among roses.
My homeland is by your side…
I have but one soul and it is for you.

I listened to and adapted Mahsun Kırmızıgül’s version of this song while living in Azerbaijan from 2006 to 2008. This recording is off of my debut album Under My Skin (2009).

English translation of the original Turkish lyrics by Carla Seidl:

Your Skin is a Rose

Your skin is a rose and I am in a cage among roses
My homeland is by your side
A servant to you.

I’ve tried many times;
it doesn’t work —
I can’t forget you.
You say let’s split up;
You’ve no right to want this.
I can’t give you up.

Tell me my love, away from you
What does breathing matter?
To be forgotten is like dying, believe me.

Tell me, my love, away from you
What does breathing matter?
Look I’ve given up everything
I have only one soul and it is for you.

© 2009 Carla Seidl

Download mp3 from CDBaby here. See me improvise movement to this song here.