Wade in the Water

In the context of last night’s presidential election results, a spiritual.

“For [the slaves] the ‘troubled waters’ meant the ups and downs, the vicissitudes of life. Within the context of the ‘troubled’ waters of life there are healing waters….Do not shrink from moving confidently out into the choppy seas.” —Howard Thurman

Maba Ela

Singing with Togolese music group Kotr Wiss in Kante, Togo, December 2010.

“Malaria has killed my friends. Poverty has killed my neighbors. AIDS has killed my friends. Sorcerers have killed my companions.”

“I have only my voice to sing their memory. My guitar to cradle their crying hearts….my voice to bring back joy.”

—Klenwa Toua

Music Video for “Azerbaijani Housewife”

Returning to Azerbaijan this month, Carla filmed (and was filmed in) a video for her song, “Azerbaijani Housewife,” off of her debut album Under My Skin. Footage was shot in a rural village in the region of Oguz in the north of Azerbaijan. Activities shown are typical of the ones Seidl observed among village women during her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer but are not intended to represent the activities of Azerbaijani women in larger towns or the capital city of Baku.